My Diary Story Three

Sidra Mahmood Khan

Everybody wants to become strong and independent. Self-efficacy is not a bad choice. The mind must need a continuous drill of believing that I can do it. The power of optimistic energy can only help to break the fear of ‘Fear’.

Fear is nothing, just a strong negative notion which captures the heart and mind and tries to control accordingly. There can be any type of fear in life but to feel safe, it’s necessary to free yourself of fear. Is this so easy to do? The fear of abandonment and being lonely is the biggest of all. We’ve carried this with us for our whole life and because of that, it affected all our relationships, specially love life. Fears of unknown, fear of losing people, money, health, job etc. To become successful and famous is the desire of every soul. But what is the most substantial notion is to fight your fears. Try to write your fears one by one and then start effort to overcome them, one at a time. For instance; you have a breakup with your lover, and you do not want to leave him/her. You are trying to cling on to your lover, who did not want you anymore. But you were negating yourself by saying that I must make it workable. The striking concept is very simple that the day you decide that this is nothing but only your fear. You will be liberated yourself by setting your lover free. All you need is to make yourself emotionally so sturdy. So, stop worrying about those people or things that you have lost in life. People who are meant to be with you, are with you, no matter what happens, they stand for you. Sometimes, somebody’s absence makes you a better human. Try to cherish their absence because it is always a blessing in disguise. It is so imperative to start accepting yourself the way you are and enjoy each moment of life fully without any kind of fear. The most extensive thing in life is to be kind yourself. It can be achievable if you overcome different types of fears. If you start to be kind yourself only then you can kind to others. This is a way to spread the love for yourself and others. Acceptance for your own self is given you the confidence and then the world will also identify you, it all starts from within. So why not to say bye to this fear, once and for all? Why not say ‘Hi’ to this beautiful life, and reconnect to it? Don’t let the past black-mail your present to ruin a beautiful future.

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