Housing Schemes Business

By Ahsaan Khan Ktk

Startling increase can be seen in the growing business of housing schemes. Quetta is also one such place where the said business has prevailed since the last one decade. A number of housing schemes can be seen in a row in areas like Nawa- Killi, Beleli, Western and Eastern bypass. Housing schemes promises a lot of facilities. However, there is disparity between promise and its fulfillment. Buying a plot for home is a big deal for many in Pakistan and when it comes to safety purposes, they personally investigate before making a deal to curtail the possibilty of a fraud. They come to know that most of the societies are built on state land sold by land mafia in complicity with revenue officals.

Moreover, the plot holders are also disrupted with slow progress or sometimes no progress in fulfilling the promises made at the time of buying. Regardless, some societies are built on agriculture lands which were inherited by their forefathers for the sole purpose of agriculture. Likewise, potent landlords claim state land and sell it to the real state builders. The tenants who have been living for years suffer mostly due to this dubious business.

A proper planning by the Government must be introduced with regard to these housing societies.

The author is a student of LLB at University Law College Quetta.

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