Youth Engagement for Global Action

By Maira Afridi

“We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.”

(Franklin D. Roosevelt)

The engagement of young people in the progress of society at local and international level can not be overshadowed. Undoubtedly, their participation in formal or informal mainstream political processes has added to the enhancement of crystal clear democratic processes, let alone reducing the deficits that democratic mechanisms entail in contemporary world. They have, without any iota of doubt, played, and are playing a pivotal role in curbing plethora of chaos that most of the societies are covered with, be it in political, economic, or social levels. Consequently, many a troublesome activities of democratic governments, non-governmental associations, and other independent bodies have been curbed to the point of no return. Moreover, such contributions of youth have, without inviting any surprise to the conscious mind, restored the trust that most of the governments had lost in the course of the time.

 What is more, with fourfold increase in the proportion of young population, the greatest opportunities for their participation in global innovation has also increased manifold. It is, however, the need of the hour to avail of those opportunities with zeal. Given that young people are a particularly vulnerable group in any society across the globe, especially in terms of employment, they are delivering innovation, volunteering assistance, and public health promotion in an unprecedented manner. To put it more unequivocally, they have been playing their role in health areas, politics, economics, education, and to top it all, decision-making processes of many societies. Yet, arguably,  in many other societies such participation of youth has suffered (and suffers) many impediments and long way to go. To put it in a nutshell, by listening to young people’s ideas and minds, world can turn from the state of crisis in which it is. Time is ripe to empower youth in order to utilize important assets of the globe that is, undoubtedly, the youth, to bring peace, humanity, and prosperity.

The writer is a student at University of Balochistan, dept. Of Eastern Medicine

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