CPEC and development prospects for Pakistan


The China Pakistan Economic Corridor is very important project for Pakistan and China. The CPEC has its own historical importance. It is one belt one road project between China and Pakistan. The CPEC project is more important for Pakistan due to its more strategic physical geography but at the same time CPEC is more prestigious project for China as well. In the map of world, Pakistan has its own geographical importance.

It is the groundbreaking project which would run from Chinese city of Kashgar to Gwadar port in Pakistan. This project economically will enhance the backbone power of Pakistan, and more and more job chances will be created for the people of Pakistan and China. The CPEC project is more important for Balochistan province as Balochistan is the center of CPEC because Gwadar port is in Balochistan.

It is a project which was signed between China and Pakistan on April 20-21,2015, Chinese President Xi Jinping was in Islamabad, where he signed $46 billion infrastructure spending for Pakistan by 51 agreements in different fields. Pakistan started work on its First zone in energy sector and one hundred percent work of this zone has been completed and yet CPEC has entered its second zone. In its second zone the industrial sector is being built ,the construction work in Quetta city which is located in district Pashin where  a local  area named as Bostan, the industries are constructed for manufacturing of cooking oil industry, furniture industry and for ease to access of  daily life goods to provide to people through industrial zone.  For this purpose, industrial zone project 1000 acre property has been achieved where 200 acre construction work has been completed.

 For the people of Balochistan many job chances will be created. It should be said that it is a diamond project for Pakistan. The CPEC is a development project which connects Gwadar port in southwestern Pakistan to China’s northwestern autonomous region of Kashgar in Xinjiang through this project, via a network of highways, railways and pipelines to transport oil and gas. Initially, China decided to lay down the road and then in future air-train networks gradually to easily access to middle East for trade links Gwadar port is all weather, all season port which is particularly located in Balochistan province but connected with a Dubai and Oman. Due to its geographical location the fisheries industry will be promote, for defensive purpose of Pakistan it is very important and the second largest port of Pakistan. In 2003 former President Pervez Musharraf, commenced hard work for Pakistan in Gwadar port with cooperation in economic and technical assistance from China.

The CPEC project completely changed the lifestyle of the people. The chairman CPEC authority lieutenant General (R) Asim Saleem Bajwa ,announces   more than 1100 jobs for the local people and appeal to apply on jobs  according to their qualification and skills .In his tweet he recently asked the people to apply on   jobs, also share the chart of available jobs in Thar block one mining field project.

The bright fortune star “sun” for the people of Pakistan is rising now. The ML-1  project is being started  ,with a basic purpose to completely upgrade the railway infrastructure ,announced by the chairman CPEC authority lieutenant General (R)  Asim Saleem Bajwa. It is fact that the more facilities, the more upgradation will be the life style of the people of Pakitan. Recently the thermal powerplant project is signed up to the cost of 10 Arab and 9Crore $ (18Kharrb) for the construction of mega thermal project 1124 megawatt in Kohla and 700megawatt in Azadpatan powerplant project ,by which revenue will generate and Pakistan economy will be strong. China is constructing schools for the education of the children of Gwadar, with a view is to strengthen the living standard for the people of Gwadar. The more Pakistan will get education, the more the Pakistan will be developing. The rapid work is going on and more chances are occurring and let hope for the best that Pakistan will be included in developed countries in future.

The writer has done master M.Sc. in Physics from university of Balochistan Quetta.

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