TikTok Addiction

By Hamza Khan Choliyani

     TikTok is a Chinese app which is widely used application worldwide. It has radically changed the world since its inception and Pakistan is no exception. It has, perhaps, also changed the social values of the world.

     Most probably, making videos on non-social issues is a total wastage of time. It creates social disharmony and hinders teenagers’ studies. In fact, it has wasted their precious time in making videos. Instead of giving proper attention to their studies to make their future bright, the youth are unfortunately making terrible videos, reflective of lunacy. If this time is spent on studies, their future will be bright but they are rushing towards fake followers who can’t change their future. Many children who belong to poor families, whose parents have no considerable wealth to give them for packages, are more lenient to their children and do not take any critical step to stop them.

         In addition to this, people who are aged, also make videos and do not give proper time to their children and many people who have jobs instead of giving attention to their jobs, they are making videos. Especially girls in Pakistan who make up and put on branded dresses with performance on songs which is definitely a glaring contravention to the Islamic values of this country.

           Therefore, it is humble request to government of Pakistan to ban this application along with its VPN so that the future of youngsters and the Islamic values of this society are not damaged.

The writer is a student from Sindh Pakistan

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