Right Career Choice

By Noor ul ain Ehsan

A right choice of career makes man happy and healthy. One’s success or failure depends on it in life. A correct choice may lead to happy, prosperous and satisfying career and life. The career we choose up must be right because career makes our life good. On the other hand, wrong selection may result in failure in life.it is therefore necessary we should choose our profession with utmost care for arbitrary decisions often lead to despair and ruin.
In past the youths followed the professions of their parents’ choice. They had no thoughts of choosing any profession. A cobbler’s sone would become a cobbler, an artisans’ an artisan and a doctors’, a doctor. In some families, children are not allowed to choose the career of their own choice. The parents force their words on them to adopt their family profession. So, the clash of interest between the parents and their children results in either poor performance of complete failure.
Besides limited opportunities for our youth. Young men often aspire to choose the professions like medical, engineering or law. The brilliant once try their luck in competitive examinations like Central Superior Services (CSS) or Pakistan Air Force (PAF). A German scholar was once asked about the reason of the development of their country, he replied that the progress and development of his country lied in establishing technical training centers.

”the choice of a career should not be made by accident or by sheer force of circumstances. It should be made by foresight and common sense

 Now social conditions have completely changed. Now a days everyone chooses a profession of his own choice. Moreover, we must all be very careful while choosing our career. So, a person must seek for advice to selection of his career as experienced elders can suggest them for better than they think, and they must also follow the trends of the world. We must not enter a field just because our friend, relatives or sibling have taken it up or our parents want us to go for it. We should listen to our heart. What really interests us, see if we are good at a particular subject and then look forward to other aspects attached to it. In this way we can easily achieve our goal as we know what our hidden potentials are. One of these factors for successful career is satisfaction. Conclusively, the choice of a career should not be made by accident or by sheer force of circumstances. It should be made by foresight and common sense. One may be keenly interested in CSS and another in intellectual pursuits. One may achieve success in business but fail badly in the study of literature. Therefore, one must be careful about sticking to the career one has chosen for oneself because a rolling stone gather no mass.

The writer is an undergraduate student of Information Technology   Department at Sardar Bahadur Khan(SBK) Women’s University Balochistan.

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