The Unmatched Blessings of COVID-19

By Syed Mansoor Ahmed

The world’s whole population is experiencing the worst of modern times. It is because Covid-19 is presumed the undying foe of humanity. The complete world has come to a standstill. It has halted all possible activities and turned upside down the individual matters. The biological insight of Covid-19 is still a towering challenge for the scientists’ community. Verily, the disease has altogether changed our world in all respects. Likewise, it has affected our economic, social, and political activities. Besides, it has halted the global economic growth, disturbed the international supply chain, and reduced the potential outcomes of it. More importantly, it has affected the labour force all over the market and shrunk the international political system.

Notwithstanding this all, Covid-19 is also encouraged the positive angles in the living societies. It has introduced a strong demand for collective efforts and solidarity to compete the deadly virus. Covid-19 has taught us that mankind is starving for unity rather than a self-centred and socially isolated way of living. It is a common disease, which affects everyone irrespective of wealth, status, and position. It is infecting rate can only be prevented by the means of collective efforts. In fact, it reshuffles the direction of science and health towards a resilient end.

At the current times, science and bio-medical are preparing to convert the “Homo Sapiens” into “Homo Deus”. The essence of both fields is standing on the edge of sublime development and also challenging nature with a high blow. However, the shocking waves of the little and unseen organism have expressed that the human being is still very weak. There is a number of voids in the present field of science and health. In reality, the observing lesson of the Covid-19, the deciding authorities and cunning minds are must to invest the best of the resources in particular fields. Health requires more efforts with the addition of new and standard discoveries in science, which could stop such killing events in the forthcoming future. In the same way, the current crisis is showing the best of humanity.

‘The world community should redirect the scale of fresh innovation and discoveries towards new challenges which are posed to humanity on the earth’s surface’

Although, the disease is not the headache of an individual as the complete world is suffering and struggling with its awful outcomes yet It’s high and uncontrollable death ratio has bonded the governments to impose the firm lockdown around the globe. So, by take such drastic actions, the world’s largest population has been confined to their houses. Resultantly, many people are running short of daily commodities. The best among all, the majority of people started to think about his feeble neighbour and avoided the population of the community. Covid-19 is directly promoting the indicators of kindness, sharing, and caring attitudes. They are doing joint efforts for the common phenomenon to rescue the miseries of the great number. More interestingly, the pandemic is becoming a warm blessing for environmental issues and natural resources. 

The human environment is under the siege of global warming, climate change, bio-degradation, deforestation, greenhouse gases, and many others. Nevertheless, the pandemic has proved a relief for the wounds of the environment. The worldwide lockdown reduced industrial activities and fossil fuel burning. Consequently, it lowered the emission quantity of several gases including carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrogen in the air. According to different studies the atmosphere especially the ozone layer is recovering from bad to good. The decline in human doings also narrows the percentage of exploitation of natural resources. While, the disease redirects the direction of new developments towards and new priorities.

People are deeming to travel to the outer surfaces of Mars and the Moon. Resultantly, they are investing the best of their capital and resources to make it true. Apart from this, the shocking and deadly waves of the Covid-19 have revealed that the mars and moon have no existing without the survival of human beings. Therefore, the world community should redirect the scale of fresh innovation and discoveries towards new challenges, which are posed to humanity on the earth’s surface. It is asking that one must bring new changes in the field of science and bio-medical. They must spend their decent resources and possibilities for the welfare of humanity and shuffle the priorities from war and weapons to produce masks, needed equipment, vaccine, and ventilators.    

The writer is a student at the University of Management and Technology Lahore and a Public Policy Analyst based in Quetta.

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