COVID-19 and We

By Muhammad Ali Soomro    

No doubt COVID-19 was an exceedingly challenging for us but we curbed it initially, which was not a huge triumph.  Now we are bearing the consequences of our negligence for taking it more likely. Meanwhile, the covid has once again sparked in Pakistan and has radically exacerbated.

       The SOP,s ( Standard openings procedure) are being ignored dawn to dusk , and spending considerable amount of time outside is promoting this ailment to become common. Every possible step from stakeholders has become obsolete and of no value by public. The entire country is in pathetic situations once again as it used to be, but now it is more and more bewildering over the feasibility to overcome it, a task far from being achieved easily.

           COVID-19 has once again created abysmal concerns for educational institutions, and for local need fulfilment. The erstwhile government recently moved toward to close them unless the situation became achievable. Meanwhile, the education system has been affected badly. The adoption of online solutions in recent months has been unprecedented. In the short term, educators are applying a ‘first aid’ solution by switching entirely from in-person to remote instruction, a move that has been forced upon them by sudden mandatory campus closures. But they are quickly realizing that remote learning is just a baby step experiment in the long journey to offering online education that has been conceived as such, which includes effective student engagement tools and teacher training. Some of the partnerships sparked between universities, online education companies and tech providers may continue beyond the pandemic.  

          In a more optimistic note, the Hospitality and health care units are vulnerable with shortage of masks and mandatory medicine which is causing repercussions.  Shortage of covid testing kits and ventilators has given an influence to covid to spread like wild fire. Moreover, daily hundreds of privileged lives are being swallowed by it.  Nevertheless, we are sunk in turmoil drastically.

      In addition to this, one of our lunatic action is that: we are not acting upon the circumstances made by countries who are covid free like CHINA. It will mould us into the best version of us but unfortunately, we are shrouded in our own bizarre treatment methods to patients, resulting a descent.

             History witnesses that the countries that are developed: only because they always take the positive actions against any hindrance that they ever have to grapple with. But this is opposite in Pakistan.  We have very negligently, scam each other and tore the laws into chunks of papers. We should become a helping hand with our nation in any need because we live here and it only grows on our efforts. Hence we are only responsible to curb this pandemic by following the SOPs.

         COVID-19 has struck our education system like a lightning bolt and shaken it to its core. Just as the First Industrial Revolution forged today’s system of education, we can expect a different kind of educational model to emerge from COVID-19.     

The writer is a student from District Jafferabad, Usta Muhammad Tehsil Balochistan

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