With its scant resources, Balochistan has proved its commitment to art and literature so beautifully. The people of Balochistan have showed extraordinary commitment to book reading which is exhibited from time to time in the form of their writings, literary festivals and of late establishment of libraries in different parts of the province on their own. Although there are few public libraries in Balochistan, they are packed with students, readers and researchers who love to explore the meaning of life through their intellect. Quaid-e-Azaam library in the provincial capital Quetta is one such example where students queue up even before dawn to occupy a seat. Similarly, Book Fairs in the remote and disturbed districts like Awaran are cases in point that how youngsters and teachers like Shabir Rakhsani, Abid Mir and Najeeb Sair and their likes are committed to the cause of education, awareness and enlightenment that come through the love of books and literature. Balochistan needs sound infrastructure for promoting the literary activities and a conducive atmosphere for the youngsters to exhibit their skills in the field of art and literature. The colonial stereotyping of the people of Balochistan that they avoid learning and development must stop now as the youngsters of this province have proved with their commitment that these narratives are only traded for political point scoring and have nothing to do with the reality. The Government must act now in this direction and should invest in the youth so that their intellectual faculties are brought in use and they are able to contribute to the development of society. More libraries with all the modern facilities is the need of the day in the province and government must establish a fully equipped and functioning library in each union council of the province so that those in need for a conducive atmosphere for reflecting on life and society can nourish. Love for books is ant-thesis to love for guns and the powers that be should understand this fact and promote the culture of book reading.

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