Healthcare Facilities for Women

Healthcare facilities are considered among the basics that are needed to live a decent life. Developed nations in the world have it among their priorities. It is something that should be available equally for both men and women. But when it comes to women it becomes an issue that needs a little more attention because with women maternal health too is attached which is indeed an important issue.

Recently, in Punjab, cases have been reported about unsafe abortions leading to the death of the victims. This news took the social media by storm as debates started about the moral implications of these incidents. People were noticed blaming the victims, accusing them of not conforming to the societal norms and religious teachings and asking the parents to keep a strict check on their daughters’ activities.

But surprisingly nobody noticed the reason of the death of the victims. One of the reasons for this sad incident was poor healthcare facilities. These women were not treated properly and were provided far from up to the mark healthcare attention which they deserved as a basic human right.

Had they been given proper treatment they would not have faced such an unfortunate death. There are countless such cases in Pakistan of which some are reported while a great majority of them go simply unreported.

Healthcare is an area among many other areas that need serious attention. It comes as a responsibility of the government to ensure healthcare facilities in the country to avoid such incidents. Moreover, special focus should be laid on maternal health. Maternal care must be ensured in every part of the country. Doctors and the relevant staff must be trained enough to deal with any case and any complications in order to save the life of the woman in need of help. A strict check should be kept on cleanliness, presence of staff and availability of medicines.

Furthermore, before any social norms, religious obligations and standards of morality comes to humanity. And therefore, women in need of help must first be treated as human beings and then later as members of society. Morality should be considered equal a trait for both men and women. And in case of any defiance both should face the repercussions of their acts equally.

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