The Importance of Technical Education in Developing Nations

By Noor ul Ain Ehsan

Technical education carries a great significance for developing nations and the aspiring students. It is because technical education has been so much in demand. The courses in technical education make individual economically independent. Previously there were few that offered limited technical courses to the students. On the other hand, the students too did not have much awareness about the courses. However, now there are number of courses available and a number of vocational and technical training centres are established by the government. Hence, the students have great opportunity to learn and be economically independent. In addition, there are also online courses wherefrom students can learn great deal of skills.

The online courses are also too convenient as they save a lot time of students and spare them of the traveling expanses. Even there are certain website which offer you certificates which adds to the value of one’s curriculum vitea. One such example of websites offering such services is Digi Skills which teaches and offers certificates.

courses offered by such websites include graphic design, search engine optimization, freelancing, autocat, web development and design etc. By learning these courses students can get knowledge and start their earning through freelancing. The freelancing plaforums such as upwork, and are good grounds to start from.

Technical education enhances one’s skills to handle a particular machine and makes specialists in certain domains. The young minds can benefit a lot from such education wherever available. However, the education has seen a tilt towards white color jobs and that has faded the importance of technical education. Even in such jobs, these skills help one a lot.

In developing countries like Pakistan technical education is of key importance. Technical courses are helpful as there is always a shortage of skilled workers in Pakistan that’s why technical education of crucial significance in Pakistan. A German scholar once asked about the reason of the development of his country, he replied that the progress and development of his country lied in establishing technical training centers.

Noor Ul Ain Ehsan is undergraduate student of Information Technology Department from Sardar Bahadur Khan Woman University.

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