Vicious Cycle of Suicides

By Muhammad Ali Soomro

It might be bothering and knotty environment when someone becomes reluctant about one’s own life due to consistent torture to their emotions by our society. Innumerable repercussions are sparked daily by our voracious connections among people that abruptly put a dot to their lives. This is something irrefutable that we are engaging ourselves to destroy the lives, impunitively, feelings of others. Sadly, a person is left with an option of committing suicide. A suicide is an act or an instance of taking one’s own life voluntarily and intentionally. This hype leads to turbulence and our country is full of such miserable actions that need to be stopped. Its causes vary from person to person but mostly it is due to domestic violence, low academic performances at schools, financial losses and so on. The victims are abstruse to recognize the counterfeit relations, friendship that they possess, as a result: they sink. Moreover, the suicide ratio is more abundant in teenagers like students. The students are mostly falling victim to this terrifying phenomenon. Then why and how students commit suicide?

The students are nothing but like a pressurized balloons and that balloons tear up when pressure increases beyond its bandwidth. They are people who spend their entire career on commands given to them by others but unfortunately, they don’t live their own lives calmly. They become fool easily and give up fighting against the violence beating them. They obfuscate because they fear their own selves and even from the school managements. They are easily obstructed for bullying. It means that something worse is happening with them. Why they refuse to get motivated or try to become bold rather to commit suicide which is ‘HARAM’ (forbidden) in our faith?

There are some random statistics that visualise the suicide ratio in Pakistan currently due to different anxieties.

  Above statistics denote the different issues/causes that entwine the people to commit suicide. As mental illness, being bullied, financial losses can be epitomized as junction of suicide respectively.

As I mentioned earlier that students have abundance to commit suicide, so I will continue talking about the causes and effects that influence the students (teenagers) to suicide. 

                   Bullying at schools is a worldwide problem. It causes various adverse effects on the mental functioning of the children that in turn affect their lives to a large extent. Hundreds of children suffer from bullying at Schools every day. Bullying is a worldwide issue that can have short term as well as long term impact on its victims. This phenomena is described in the form of aggressive behaviour that is characterized in the form of an imbalance of power.

 Bullying can occur in several forms. Direct bullying includes bullying at a physical level that comprises of stealing, slapping, pushing, kicking, and damaging possessions of someone. It also includes verbal bullying as name-calling, making insulting remarks on religion, appearance, etc., spreading rumours, making fun of social and economic status, and more. All these lead to suicide commitments.

It also leads to severe anxieties and repercussions.

  • Anxiety and depression

Children who have bullied face depression on several different levels based on the severity of bullying. A majority of children do not speak about it at home. Parents are required to keep a track on the behaviour and interaction of the child to find out any signs of the problem. Children who get bullied don’t feel comfortable discussing it. They like to keep it to themselves. This increases depression and anxiety in them that leads to serious issues. It hampers the personality development of the child. He becomes timid and prefer to stay in his shell. The parent must become friends with their children so that they do not hesitate to share their problems and ultimately avoiding suicides.

  • Changing in eating and sleeping patterns

That feeling of insult disturbs the students. Those thoughts keep getting replayed in their mind and they become mentally challenged. This deprives them to sleep or eat properly. Many a times those traumatic memories leave them restless and scared.

  • Lack of interest in studies

       Children who are bullied at school can’t fall asleep due to fear that they will have to face the same humiliation the next day. They lose the interest of going to schools and that negatively impacts their studies and academic performances.

  • A feeling of loneliness and sadness

        A common impact of bullying is the sadness and loneliness that fills up their mind. Kids who are bullied at Schools spend less time with siblings and parents. As they go through a lot of stress and disappointment, they are also refrained from mixing with classmates. The fear of getting bullied makes them recluse.

On the other hand, conversely, Domestic violence can make people vulnerable to take their lives ruthlessly. Domestic violence can simply be defined as : violent or abusive behaviour directed by one family or household member against another. This is something that has encircled the world into its arms. Our societies are mammoth of domestic violence. One try to harm other and other try to harm other and so on. Our society has made very weird, very weird kind of norms to look perfect and great. For men it is different. For women it is different. The relations get rust like iron and finally that become like ashes. Moreover, women strongly dislike men superiority at home that further diverges the relation i-e divorce take place.

       In a nutshell, spreading awareness among people is vital to accomplish the peace in societies. Also by educating the children with motivation worth to reduce the suicide risks and other perilous addictions.

The writer is a matric class student at IBA PUBLIC SCHOOL AND COLLEGE ,SUKKUR. He can be contacted at

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